Comedy-Drama Star in Veiled Threat

Mathew Horne – there’s a name you don’t find written or indeed spoken in relation to Doctor Who. The Gavin & Stacey star is of course an utter plank, and rightly reckons that talking about himself in relation to Doctor Who would get him some column inches.

He isn’t bothered how tasteless it is either.

You see, the chinny one (not the fat Cabbage Patch one) wants to be Doctor Who:

“The producers obviously had a meeting and went, ‘There’s this young guy called Matt something who wants to do it.’ And they picked the wrong Matt,” he said. “I’d have loved to do it.”

Mat – who will soon be seen on the big screen in comedy horror Lesbian Vampire Killers – joked he would be “waiting in the wings in case he (Matt) has a mysterious road accident”.

Oh that’s just classy isn’t it? Just wait in case Matt Smith (right) dies prematurely?


In a parallel universe a version of me might like Gavin & Stacey. This would however be in a world with no comedy, which you media whore fans of such bland drivel are marching us on to now, lapping it up like it’s some sort of nectar. Open your eyes!

::wibbly wobbly parallel universe::

Excuse me while I pick myself off the floor… oh dear, that was sooo funny. The fat one, he’s so deluded and it is just so funny! Oh my… and the ugly one who looks like Bruce Forsythe’s chin, well him and the girl are just so sweet and oh it’s just such a funny show, best thing on the BBC, classic comedy.


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