Doctor Who Classic Exclusives

Exclusive outside the US and Canada to Forbidden Planet, the Doctor Who Classic Exclusives range features colour and black and white versions of the First and Second Doctors, Telos Tomb Cybermen and original Daleks!

You’re probably pretty intrigued by this – but it gets better as there is also a Real Time-styled Sixth Doctor figure kitted out in the blue version of his famous technicolour dreamcoat.

Alas, the figures aren’t available until June/July 2009, however Forbidden Planet are taking pre-orders.

6th Doctor In Real Time Blue Coat (right)
This alternative costume was most visibly used in the BBC webcast ‘Real Time’ (having previously appeared on a few book and audio book covers). It varies vastly from the gaudy coat of many colors normally worn by Colin Baker’s sixth Doctor whilst retaining some design elements including the dandy’s tie and question mark shirt collar. For many fans this has become almost the preferred costume with it’s more muted,, less frivolous, colourways.

2nd Doctor & Telos Cyber Tombs – Colour variant image.

2nd Doctor & Telos Cyber Tombs – B&W
This is the first appearance of the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton as part of Character Options classic figure series. Troughton was the first actor to experience the Doctor’s regeneration in the Cybermen storyline ‘The Tenth Planet’ first broadcast on 29th October 1966. . At the time the show was shown in black and white and this very limited ‘variant edition’ of the figures stick to a black and white color scheme. The Cyberman is the version which appears, discovered in the cyber-tombs of the planet Telos, in the episode ‘The Tomb of the Cybermen’ (Sept 1967).

1st Doctor & Black Dalek – Colour
This is the first appearance of the first Doctor, William Hartnell as part of Character Options classic figure series. It was Hartnell who brought the Doctor to our screens in that very first broadcast on 23rd November 1963. At the time the show was shown in black and white and the color used on these figures are authenticated by the many existing ‘behind the scene’ shots. The Dalek is from the ‘’Dalek Invasion of Earth’ (Dec 1964) storyline and varies most conspicuously from later versions by the double neck banding and the energy dish collecting aerial on the rear. The Black Dalek was designated by rank as the ‘Supreme Controller’.

Doctor Who Exclusive – 1st Doctor & Black Dalek – Black & White variant image.

The Doctor Who Classic Exclusives can be found online exclusively at Forbidden Planet, and range from £14.99 for the Sixth Doctor to £24.99 for the twin-packs.  There is a rumour – repated at – that Character have considered abandoning the classics range either through a lack of interest or through design in order to heighten interest and release remoulds in later years.  Either way now would be a good time to pre-order these superb figures.


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