Hamlet DVD?

David Tennant’s Hamlet may have ended with a whimper, but there may yet be the opportunity for him to return to the part.

A petition has been started by RSC Patron Margret Best to have the play starring David Tennant and Patrick Stewart recorded for posterity – and the argument is a strong one:

To the Artistic Director of the RSC, Michael Boyd;

We the undersigned would like to respectfully request that the RSC seriously consider the possibility of producing a DVD of the current 2008 production of Hamlet with David Tennant.

We strongly feel that this would be of great benefit, not only to the RSC as a valuable source of funding for future projects, but also an important educational tool for students of English around the world. Also, due to the popularity of this production, many people who would have liked to have seen it were unable to have that pleasure.

A DVD would enable them to enjoy the experience that a privileged few were able to partake in. We hope the expressions of interest below will be instrumental in assisting in the decision to go ahead with this project.

Yours sincerely,

Margret Best – RSC Patron 3186950

Whether an educational release or not, it would be pretty cool to have a recording of the performance available for anyone to view. The education benefits are obvious, of course, and I would hope that readers of Kasterborous click the following link and sign the petition – Online petition – Hamlet DVD.

If you needed any further persuading as to the benefits of recording Tennant’s Hamlet for use in schools and so forth, the Telegraph’s Sarah Crompton took her young children of 8 and 12 to a recent performance towards the end of David Tennant’s run in the play.

There was the odd fidget, a snooze in the graveyard scene and a certain amount of watch checking, but the energy of Gregory Doran’s production and the charisma of its central actor held the boys’ attention.

If the RSC’s average audience age has been considerably lowered by the presence of David Tennant, this is surely a further argument for Margret Best’s case as RSC Patron to have the production recorded.  While Tennant may have moved on from the RSC for the time being, there’s no reason why such a recording couldn’t be done in a couple of days.


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