Happy Birthday Tom Baker!

Star of television, time, space and everything – it’s Tom Baker’s birthday today, so join with Kasterborous as we wish the grand old bonkers uncle of Doctor Who a very happy 75th birthday!

I can’t really add that much to everthing that has already been written about Tom.  The camera loves him, audiences love him, he has shattering presence and such an amazing voice.

Oh and he is the Doctor.  Really, and everything.  Look, there on the right!

Seriously though – not one of us would be reading Kasterborous if Tom Baker hadn’t written a speculative letter to the BBC, and if the Doctor Who producers themselves hadn’t quite fancied taking a look at this chap who had appeared so mesmerically as the mad monk Rasputin in the 1971 historical biopic Nicholas & Alexandra.

An amazing sort of synergy was born on the set of Tom’s first story Robot, one that never went away until his final tale, Logopolis.  Although the producers changed (the Phillip Hinchliffe era for me is the series’ entire highlight) and the companions came and went, Tom Baker’s era is the most memorable of all Doctors upto and rivalling the present.

The sight of the Fourth Doctor, long coat, scarf and his sudden change of mood, attititude, boglle eyes and odd manner is one that has been with me since early, very early childhood and I think I speak for an entire generation of Doctor Who fans when I say that Tom Baker is so fondly regarded.

So Happy Birthday, Tom.  And thank you!



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