Paul Cornell Signing

Doctor Who scriptwriter and novelist Paul Cornell is rightly well-regarded in comic book circles for his reimagining of the Marvel character Captain Britain.

Taking on the odd traditional Marvel foe and keeping Britain safe from supervillains, Captain Britain has had a chequered history, but Cornell has done stirling work in bringing the character up to date and finally giving him the quality writing (and some might say "life") he deserves.

Paul Cornell is attending the Forbidden Planet London Megastore at 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, this Thursday (January 15th) from 6 – 7pm where he will be signing copies of the latest Captain Britain series, Secret Invasion (which ties in with the Skrull’s secret invasion of the US Marvel series)…

The Skrull Invasion isn’t just restricted to the US – when the Skrulls hit Blighty only Captain Britain and MI:13 stand in their way!

With the fate of Britain hanging in the balance, can the heroes find out what the Skrulls are after before it’s too late? This thrilling graphic novel ties in with Secret Invasion and features Gordon Brown in action!

Gordon Brown in action? First time for everything, I suppose…


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