The Day God Went Mad?

(Before proceeding, note that shooting of Planet of the Dead at the reported location has not yet been confirmed, however the block begins production within the next few days.)

The Guardian‘s Gareth McLean has issued a comprehensive argument outlining the reasons why recording location footage for Planet of the Dead in the Middle Eastern state of Dubai is a bad idea.

If the next Doctor Who special is indeed to be filmed in Dubai – a nation that has a less than impressive attitude towards homosexuals and homosexuality (it’s illegal) while happily lining its pockets from the beautiful architecture provided by the virtualy enslaved immigrant workers (the race issue in Dubai is just as appalling). Oh and there’s no vote in Dubai. As a resident, you just do as you’re told.

Of course given Russell T Davies outspoken record on the subject of his and anyones homosexuality and being gay, this is a remarkable, jaw dropping moment of crass ineptitude and stupidity. I rarely find myself agreeing with Gareth McLean:

[Russell T Davies] has been ground-breaking in terms of giving gay people visibility and representation on television… has never been shy of championing equality for gay people or castigating those who campaign against it… is practically a god at the BBC and could surely, if he so wished, have vetoed the Dubai idea.

Just hours after I discover that RTD hated the Voyage of the Damned press launch as much as I hated watching him gush empty "PR speak" – giving me the opinion that this guy was in fact alright, it seems that I was spot on in the first place.

Given that we don’t yet know for certain if Doctor Who is to be filmed in Dubai or not I’m going to shy away from issuing my own rant. Suffice to say, this could be the televisual version of the Rebel Cricket Tours to South Africa in the 1980s during the height of world dismay at that state’s Apartheid policy.


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