What The Moff Said

That Steven Moffat, he’s a real glutton for punishment isn’t he?

Not content with sacrificing himself in the 2007 series of Doctor Who and somehow proucing the script to the superb Blink ("the fastest thing I’ve ever done"), The Grand Moff spoke a few months ago about what the Executive Producers job actually means.

“When you’re in that job, you don’t get any pats on the head. I’ve done that job, and people generally just complain. I remember handing in the last episode of Jekyll, being really proud of it, and the producer said, ‘We need to talk. We’ve spent a lot of money. Again.’ And you don’t want ‘We need to talk’ – you want, ‘You are wonderful and great! You haven’t embarrassed yourself with your hideous pretentiousness!’.”

Not as glamourous as it sounds, is it? Certainly having read Russell T Davies’ The Writer’s Tale, being the main creative force behind the show appears to be a rather terrifying balancing act, one that certainly isn’t for everybody.

Steven Moffat isn’t everybody, however, and I’m certain this self-depracating comment typical of him is nothing more that a diversion.

After all, if he does go overbudget, it isn’t likely to be be on a monster. The Empty Child, the Weeping Angels and the Nashta Verada must be some of the cheapest omnsters in 45 years of Doctor Who…


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