Affirmative, Mistress – K9 Back in SJA

Just when you thought that there wasn’t enough K9 news, two of themn come along in the same month!

The SFX website refers to the news in Doctor Who Magazine revealing that K9 is set to appear in around 50% of episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures series 3…

The Sarah Jane Adventures producer Nikki Smith:

"We’ve already got 10 scripts at first draft stage, and I can now announce that K9 is going to make a return to Sarah Jane’s attic! He’s been locked away in that safe, saving the world from a Black Hole, for far too long now. I can promise that the fun is only just beginning – just wait till he gets to meet Mr Smith properly."

With an Australian-funded K9 tv series currently under production and a new series of the Sarah Jane Adventures looking set to be ready by early 2010, is there any chance of the Doctor himself having a robot dog?

After all, everyone else seems to have one…


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