Doctor Who Live on Tour?

Where do you start with a story like this?A report in the Sun this morning claims that a live extravaganza version of Doctor Who is set to hit major venues, taking the Who at the Proms show as its starting point.

Building on the successful 2008 show with lasers and 3-D technology Doctor Who is apparently to take to the road in a similar way to other BBC successes Strictly Come Dancing and Top Gear.

An insider explained: “The BBC know they’ve got a massive hit show on their hands, so they want to take it to the next level.  They want it to be a Doctor Who experience which will blast fans with amazing visuals and music.

“The emphasis will be on technology so it’s unlikely any of the show’s stars will be on stage.

“But they are expected to feature in video elements. That said, the idea of using real actors hasn’t been ruled out.”

“The BBC see it as a ‘superbrand’. They know that if you stick a Doctor Who logo on something it will sell.”

What better way to milk your favourite cash cow?  A marvellous idea for over-exposing any brand, it’s thought that BBC Worldwide are just weeks from making an official announcement that will make the lack of a full series this look like the most sensible idea in history.

I can’t wait for "Doctor Who on Ice" or "Companions in the City" in which Martha, Donna and Rose sit in coffee shops and restaurants discussing sex then go home to their respective partners – a Dalek, a Cyberman and a Sontaran.

What is most telling however is the final statement. "They know that if you stick a Doctor Who logo on something it will sell." Hang on to your pocket money – a new phase of cynical merchandising could be just months away.


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