Done with Mirrors

A new art exhibition remarkably features a TARDIS in a state of dematerialisation/ rematerialisation! 

As if Doctor Who wasn’t already ingrained in the British psyche, sticking a police box TARDIS in an art gallery is spookily reminiscent of a scene from 1979’s Tom Baker adventure City of Death – down to the point of the TARDIS disappearing in an art gallery.

The piece – called Time and Relative Dimensions in Space, 2001, is by Mark Wallinger, a Turner Prize-winning artist who is curating an exhibition entitled The Russian Linesman at the Hayward Gallery at the Southbank Centre in London.

Having originally been seen in 2001, the piece – basically (but ingeniously) a spectacular reflective TARDIS which when placed in the right surroundings produces the illusion of dematerialisation – is just crying out for John Cleese and Eleanor Bron to stand behind a roped barrier, appreciating its artistic value of the TARDIS, as per the scene in City of Death.

After all (as Cleese points out) – since the object shouldn’t be there at all, the artistic merit lies in the fact that it *is* there. "Exquisite," says Bron. "Absolutely exquisite…"


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