Ingrid Pitt on Doctor Who’s Return

Horror legend and occasional Doctor Who guest Ingrid Pitt has written for Den of Geek recently about the show’s demise (which she accepts some blame for, having appeared in 1984’s Warriors of the Deep) and subsequent resurrection.

Entitled "The Endurance of Doctor Who" it is in all honesty a bout of namechecking of each Doctor and a quick observation on them and the show, coupled with the rather wonderful quote when she reaches Peter Davison:

I did Warriors of the Deep with him and when the series was canned my part was given as an example of why the show had to go.

Of course Pitt had previously appeared as Queen Galleia of Atlantis in The Time Monster in 1972 opposite Jon Pertwee and Roger Delgado, a story with a much better pedigree than the Silurian/Sea Devil return from 1984 – so it’s unfair for Ms Pitt to take the blame.  (In fact her woeful acting in the Lewis Collins vehical Who Dares Wins was far more destructive.)

However the column remains witty, referring to the Doctor’s exile from BBC One thus:

While the unregenerated Doctor mooned around the outermost Galaxies, back on Earth everything changed. CGI became the new special effects and traumatised sets and M&S costumes disappeared.

As a horror icon of course, Ingrid Pitt’s opinion should be heard – and it seems she subscribes to the theory that the BBC brought back Doctor Who in order to do Torchwood.

What they really wanted to do was Torchwood.

But where was the audience? So the fiendishly cunning plot was hatched to use the Who brand, but sneak in Torchwood as a crossover point. Then, when the audience had crossed over to Torchwood, they could quietly dispatch Who into the Cosmos and keep the die-hard fans.

Would the BBC really have done two shows in order to do one?  Where was the audience for Doctor Who before Rose, if the schedulers and tabloids were to be believed?

I think Ms Pitt has had one scream too many…


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