Planet of the Dead Bus Rumour

Things get confusing in the incident hit filming of Planet of the Dead this week as some sources (collected together at throw caution to the wind and ignore documented reports…

For instance, Life, Doctor Who & Combom (com-what?) reckon that the third bus – logged as leaving the UK bound for Dubai by people more obsessive than Doctor Who fans (bus-spotters) was in fact a lie or incorrect (despite being mentioned on a prominent South West UK bus-spotting website.)

According to the Combom blog, Planet Of The Dead has been rewritten to include the bus colliding with a piece of space junk, asteroid or another spaceship while en route from London to the alien planet that it crashlands on.

Which makes the hiring of a third bus slightly academic.

Time will tell, I suppose…

(There’s a handful of nice David Tennant and Michelle Ryan behind the scenes promo shots at


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