Season 23 Writer Speaks

Michael Feeney Callan was one of the writers whose script was redy to be used in the cancelled Season 23 back in 1985 (the series was later replaced with Trial of A Time Lord) – and Den of Geek  relate information about his entry, The Chidren of January

The title apparently refers to "renegade outcasts" of an early parallel universe civilization, and the story was populated by Zarbi-esque humanoid bees…

"I wrote a two-parter called The Children of January," he confirmed. In reference to the hiatus that was about to descend on the show, he further stated that it was to be "a season closer, not a series termination." Callan also explained that "I loved my episode, which was delivered late in 1985."

"I created a race of runaway proto-humanoids called the Z’ros, sort of ‘human bees’, of which I still have the fondest nightmares."

Den of Geek sound very keen to unearth as much information as possible about the oirginal Season 23 and its likely contents when production commences on the remounted, audio version to be produced by Big Finish and starring Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant.

As for Pip and Jane Baker – follow the link (if you dare…)


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