Can Science Fiction Keep Up?

The BBC spoke recently with 4 prominent science fiction writers as part of National Science and Engineering Week to answer the question: Can science fiction keep up with modern science? Among those asked was Doctor Who scriptwriter, Captain Britain writer and novelist Paul Cornell…

Alongside Iain Banks, Ken MacLeod and Ian Watson, Cornell offers his opinion on what science fiction (and we are as much in the science fiction zone with these chaps as we are in the sci-fi zone) is – and in Cornell’s opinion, it is a form of satire….

…And right now, the genre is going through a bit of a crisis of faith.

The mundane movement is challenging writers to drop ideas that once promised to be scientific ones, but are now considered as fantasy – faster than light travel, telepathy etc – and to concentrate on the problems of the human race being confined to an Earth it is using up.

Unlike its cousin, fantasy, it wants to be talking about the real world in ways other than metaphorical.

Lot’s more to read on that poage, and some interesting thoughts all round.


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