Dalek Emerges From Pond

Like a scene from Dalek Invasion of Earth, this Dalek was found submerged in a pond in Hampshire and brought to the surface in all its menace!

Marc Oakland was among a group of volunteers clearing out the junk-filled pond near Beaulieu, Hants and was taken totally by surprise by the Dalek, pulling it out of the gunk and junk filled mire.

"I’d just shifted a tree branch with my foot when I noticed something dark and round slowly coming up to the surface. I got the shock of my life when a Dalek head bobbed up right in front of me.  It must have been down there for some time because it was covered in mould and water weed, and had quite a bit of damage.

"One of the dome lights was smashed, but the eye-stalk was intact and the head and neck stayed in one piece as I carefully lifted it out."

Although the group are keeping the pond’s exact location underwraps, chief pond warden Tony Brown reckons that this could be one of the original Daleks…

"We discovered the BBC often took the Daleks out on location for filming… Who knows, this might be the remains of one of the originals from the old TV series. I’m told they they were built to last."

That would be rather superb if it was!  I wonder if there are any video tape canisters down there labelled "Marco Polo"…

(Cheers to Terra)


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