Doctor Who Figures Update

Sebastian Hamilton of brings us a useful and timely update on the current state of affairs in the world of Doctor Who figures…

After a very busy January for Doctor Who Figure Collectors the last two months have been decidedly quiet.

There have not been any new Doctor Who figures announced, and as I will go on to explain we might not see any more this year anyway.

However the latest figures are hitting more and more shops, and there are some good bargains to be had so read on…

Where to buy the figures

The best stores for the new figures are ‘Toys ‘R’ Us’, though Tesco have some good bargain prices at the moment – the brilliant 18” Supreme Dalek is only £25 in some places, and old figures are retailing at only around £3.

Argos stores, the first places to get the new figures, are lagging behind a bit now but stocks are gentley replenishing. Most ASDA stores have a good stock too.

Online Amazon is currently the best place for the new figures, though Forbidden Planet and are still taking preorders for the Forbidden Planet Classic Doctor Exclusive Sets and Torchwood Wave 2 respectively.

Weevil offer

If you’re looking for a top bargain at the moment however SciFiCollector recently released the best one around – you can buy 4 Weevils for just £25, a saving of almost £15 and you get free, fast, postage included with that price.

This is a great chance to army build the exciting new figures. For more information on the offer visit

Terminator figures and the future

Further doubt has been cast on the future of the figures recently however by the announcement of the new Character Options range of Terminator figures, to tie in with the new film. Many of the products are similar to past Doctor Who ones, voice changer helmets for example, and CO are persistent with their plans not to release more this year (though that isn’t necessarily confirmation; plans have and do change).

However there is still lots to get excited about over for Figure Collectors, especially on Doctor Who Figures Online where we’re still excited about our new look and are currently working on a new news page to tie in with it. I am currently in discussions with Character Options and writing a full report on the future.

That’s all for now – more figure news coming soon! 


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