Faker Comes Clean

Twitter is a great, useful tool – those of you that follow me might well agree – but it does have its fair share of nefarious uses, not least extending the internet-old aspect of identity massage.

As we’ve seen in recent weeks there are a fair few Doctor Who fakers out there, one of whom is THEDavidTennant, who Tweets regularly on being David Tennant.

Of course, THEDavidTennant is no more David Tennant than you or I (unless you happen to be David Tennant – hiya!).  No, this Twitter faker is a celebrity "satirist".

A few years ago, in the days of Fake Steve Jobs I thought it might be a good idea to start a blog as a Doctor Who celebrity.  Tom Baker was too obvious, while John Barrowman appears to be some sort of caricature already (unless he happens to be reading this – hiya!).  The only one left really was David Tennant – but he’s just such a normal guy who is blessed with some talent, charm and guile, it hardly seemed fair. 

Obviously, I canned the idea – it wouldn’t have lasted beyond a few early, obvious gags.

My point is, you can’t take seriously the thought that DT and Matt Smith might get involved in an episode like this…

Had a drink with Matt Smith, he was crying into his shandy about not being as good as me. I told him to shut up and get the round in 

…is just unlikely, while the idea of the Tennster wandering around in kilts and eating only at McDonalds is silly and quite low-brow for any form of real satire.  Great for background, not so hot for really digging the whole life of a TV megastar.

On the plus side, however, at least Lisa Valentine (THEDavidTennant’s alter ego) came clean when she realised that people truly thought she was David Tennant.

Which says a lot about her followers…


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