Lesbian Vampire Killers

It’s not everyday you get to write LESBIAN VAMPIRES on any website, and certainly not Kasterborous.com – but you can’t have failed to miss the billboards for the new movie starring Matthew Horne and James Corden from the inexplicably popular comedy Gavin and Stacey called Lesbian Vampire Killers which co-stars Paul McGann as the local Vicar

The horror comedy – which presumably features more laughs than your average Gavin and Staceyalso features MyAnna Buring who guested in The Impossible Planet  and has spoken to The Daily Record about the moment she dismissed the script, thinking that the film was X-rated.

"I said, ‘Push off, no way, it’s porn.

That’s outrageous. I can’t believe my agent would have sent me this,’" she laughs.

"But my boyfriend calmed me down and told me to read the script as he was sure they wouldn’t have sent me a porn film."

Buring’s character is "the female moral conscience to some of the ladmag fantasy goings-on," it says here – and you can already see the similarities between Lesbian Vampire Killer‘s premise of two guys picking up a succession of friends to fight the Lesbian Vampires and their queen (played by Silvia Colloca) and the Simon Pegg movie Shaun of the Dead

MyAnna chuckled: "The vampires look amazing and every time one gets killed, I’m there going, ‘Actually you’d quite happily be killed by some of these vampires rather than kill them.’"

Ms Buring also has a handy piece of advice for any aspiring movie writers.

"A friend of mine who works in film production says all the scripts she’s being sent at the moment are so depressing, which isn’t what we need. We are in a recession. You want to go to cinema and have a good time and not be reminded of how awful things are."

Lesbian Vampire Killers (which also feautres Lucy Gaskell from Blink) is released this Friday, March 20th – see some stills at movies.ign.com.


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