Lotto Cash for Kids TV says RTD

Another angle to RTD’s recent criticism of the BBC’s programme making to a BAFTA audience was the shameful way in which children’s television is produced in the UK.

Referring to the fact that the National Lottery gives money away for the production of poor films, Davies argued that we’re in a sorry state of affairs as far as publicly funded children’s television is concerned.

Of particular note is the 300,000 drop in audience of The Sarah Jane Adventures which coincided with BBC One’s replacement of Neighbours with the Weakest Link in 2008. THe next series of The Sarah Jane Adventures also came close to being cancelled.

"We had to look and say, ‘do we want to make a version of Sarah Jane that’s a travesty?’ It was truly shocking to have a successful show having to face cuts which are that severe"

Russell T Davies is a veteran of children’s programming, having produced Why Don’t You? and scripted episodes of Chucklevision before moving on to Dark Season and Century Falls. He’s got good experience in this field, and he knows the audience.

"They’re our children, they’re the most vital and precious resource you could ever find. It is more important than industry, it is more important than the economy, it is more important than food and education."


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