James Strong Talks HD…

…among other things. It is fascinating to learn however that the move to High Definition recording for Doctor Who hasn’t impacted on the show’s budget, according to the Planet of the Dead director in a recent chat with Den of Geek.

When asked if the effects shots were now more expensive due to the increased picture resolution, Strong answered:

…There’s a kind of balance to be had. The quality that we’re shooting at means that we can get away with more, and in that sense there’s less work to be done on certain shots. Everything’s gone HD, so ultimately Doctor Who had to move over at some point, but I can’t say that it’s impacted on the budget that we’ve had at all.

In fact we’ve got more CGI than we’ve ever had before, though I know we’ve not got any more money [laughs]. It’s a better quality picture, so therefore a better resolution for the artists to work at as well.

Which is quite remarkable, given the BBC’s previous reasoning against doing Doctor Who in high res was that the cost was too prohibitive.  Presumably reducing costs and the lure of Blu-Ray revenue has swayed their decision – even if Blu-Ray does eventually lose out to Flash/streaming.

Incidentally if you’ve missed RTD-focussed sycophancy over the Who-lite months, check out the Den of Geek link above to see just how amazing a writer James Strong thinks Rusty Lee Davidson is.

Damn he’s good. Genius. Shock and awe.



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