RTD Cameos!

Just when you thought the universe couldn’t get any smaller or revolve around one man any more than usual, then this happens. The latest rumor making the rounds over that past 24 hours seems to suggest that the series show runner himself, Russell T. Davies, will be making a cameo appearance in David Tennant’s last outing in Doctor Who.

In what the producer is calling an “homage to Alfred Hitchcock,” Mr. Davies will be seen on his mobile phone pitching a new Science Fiction TV show when the TARDIS materializes in front of him. Sources who claim to have been present on set during the filming of this scene, told a paper that we try not to name check – though it sounds like the big thing that hangs in the sky so that we can all see during the day – are saying that Russell had a grand time getting in front of the camera and making a childhood dream come true.

Russell has even been noted as commenting on set:

“The is brilliant, absolutely brilliant. The best part is that I can be on set all day and none of the fans are breaking out their cameras because who would expect a daft old producer to be in the show!

"It was simply wonderful to have been in the show as it is absolutely iconic, and I know it will be a complete surprise to all the fans out there to see me on their screens come next Christmas.”

Of course you could be forgiven for thinking that this is the first time that Rusty has appeared in Doctor Who.

You would be wrong…

Kasterborous can reveal that the saviour of Doctor Who designed the Slitheen not for kids, but because he wanted to appear in the show and they were the only suitable costume for a 7 foot man. Previous plans to revive the Cybermen in 2005 lead to unfavourable comparisons with RTD’s Cybercontroller appearing too similar to that of Michael Kilgarrif’s in 1985’s Attack of the Cybermen, and dropped.

If you made it this far, you should of course have realised that this is an April Fool…



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