The Three Companions

New from Big Finish, The Three Companions is a bonus multipart adventure starring Nick Courtney as the Brigadier, John Pickard as Thomas Brewster and Anneke Wills as Polly…

Written by Marc Platt, The Three Companions is available on the monthly Doctor Who full cast audios beginning in April with The Magic Mousetrap.

The present day. Polly Wright, former companion of the second Doctor, tracks down Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart via the Internet. As they chat online, they realize that they have a shared experience ­ and one that began on a world far away. Meanwhile someone is watching them from afar – a certain Thomas Brewster…

Kasterborous spoke to Marc Platt recently about The Three Companions


I’ve got Polly as the head of a government office which reflects where she was when we first saw her in The War Machines and she gets in touch with the Brig and off they go telling each other stories and they run into Brewster. So there are three companions and one voice and I’ve got to make two hours of drama out of it!


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