Matt Smith Live

Eleventh Doctor Who Matt Smith appears at the Royal Court Theatre, London this Friday from 4pm in the afternoon for a reading of The Hotel Play by Wallace Shawn.

While he may not stand out considerably among a cast of over 60, alongslide Matt Smith will be Geoffrey Beevers, who played the decayed Master in The keeper of Traken and is also married to Third Doctor companion Caroline John, who played Liz Shaw from 1970-1971.

According to The Royal Court Theatre, the cast includes

Geoffrey Beevers, Diane Borger, Andrew Buckett, Bill Buckhurst, Ben Caplin, Anna Calder-Marshall, Kier Charles, Benedict Cumberbatch, Olivia Darnley, Sarah Davies, Jacqueline Defferary, Monica Dolan, Emily McDonnell, Elyse Dodgson, Amanda Drew, Deborah Eisenberg, Stephanie Fayerman, Ed Fortes, Alan Francis, Ian Gelder, Adam Gillen, Jonathan McGuiness, Alex Guiney, Jeremy Herrin, William Hope, Shane Hough, Maxwell Hutcheon, Patrick Kennedy, Isabella Laughland, Rob Laycock, Deirdre Lennon, Daisy Lewis, Alex Lowe, Charlotte Lucas, Emily Lucienne, George Mackay, Bruce Mackinnon, Benjamin Noble, Pamela Nomvete, Will Payne, Harry Peacock, Stephen Pidcock, Pearce Quigley, Ian Redford, Tariq Rifaat, Marcelo Dos Santos, Danny Sapani, Kerry Shale, Baruka O’Shaughnessy, Matt Smith, Roderick Smith, Colin Stinton, Bobby Stokes, Nicolas Tennant, John Trindle, June Watson, Harry Waller, Nigel Whitmey, Amanda Wilkin and Becky Wootton

The Hotel Play hails from 1970, and is concerns the story of a beleaguered desk clerk at a hotel in the tropics trying to placate, amuse and occasionally seduce the widely varied clientele.

It comprises a series of brief scenes; while some are bitingly satiric and some are outlandishly bizarre, the raucous mood covers a dark and foreboding atmosphere within the hotel.


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