McCoy Incenses Greek Police

It seems that Greek Police officers guarding the Greek hotel where a selection of the world’s richest aren’t meeting to discuss international foreign policy this week aren’t fans of the Seventh Doctor Who.

Writing for the Guardian, comedian Charlie Skelton is in the Greek capital of Athens keeping tabs on the shadowy Bilderberg meeting that is taking place there – the only mainstream media organ to bother, interestingly. And it seems that when he was harrassed by police for taking a photo in the vicinity, they got upset by mention of the Seventh Doctor.

Of course if Skelton had used Google Street View, he wouldn’t have needed a camera. Oh but Greece have banned Google Street View, haven’t they…?

We join the story as Charlie Skelton is questioned about the contents of his notebook…

“What are you writing? What here?”

He points to an old 8 Out of 10 Cats joke (well, barely) about what would happen if we had a female Doctor Who. He jabs at it, proof, in black and white, of my status as an agitator. I read it out: “I’m not saying we’ve already had a female Doctor Who, but Sylvester McCoy put cracks in the glass ceiling.”

“Who is this? Syl… Syl…”

“Sylvester McCoy.”

“A friend of yours? He is staying here?”

I bite back telling them that Sylvester McCoy is a noted anti-globalist freedom fighter who is here to lead the people’s revolt against Bilderberg’s liberty-stripping agenda. “It’s nothing. Can I have my book back?”

Skelton was lucky to escape imprisonment given the attitude of the policemen, and while in temporary custody at the police station was pressured into some sort of confession, as well as deletion of his photos.

Thankfully he didn’t – and although McCoy obviously isn’t a noted anti-gloablist freedom fighter, it’s good to see the name of the Doctor striking fear into the hearts of those that might oppress…


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