Moths Down Under

Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf writer and performer Toby Hadoke has been embarking on something of a “world tour” with his one man show this year, and his trip to New Zealand has resulted in a quite different interview to the usual ones.

Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf tells the amusing tale of Hadoke’s life against the backdrop of an obsession with the series, with loads of little gems in it. I don’t recall any reference to this detail from the audio recording, however – likely something Hadoke recalled while in New Zealand:

With the series off the air, Hadoke resorted to buying bootleg copies of earlier seasons, many of which originated from Australia and New Zealand.

“This was before the days of sell-through videos. I used to go to a shop in Wolverhampton where you would perhaps take in eight blank videos and get three back with Doctor Who episodes of your choice on them and a lot of them had the ABC logo on them.”

After performing Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf in Auckland and Wellington, and Canada later in the year, Hadoke is putting the scarf away it seems in favour of a new piece, Everything I Know, I Have Learnt from Television.


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