Piper At The Gates (SPOILER)

It’s mainstream, it’s in the the mainstream media – it will be all over the gossip rags over the next 7 days, and frankly isn’t a spoiler for very long. Doctor Who’s most popular companion has been snapped alongside the Tenth Doctor.

She’s back.


Let’s face it – Billie Piper, lovely Billie, was always going to come back for this. No one should blame her for being on hand to say goodbye to the Tenth Doctor in what appears to be very different circumstances to the last full regeneration.

This time, we suspect the stakes are much higher than saving a girl who is channeling the time vortex.

If there is any reason to ask “Why?” then that reason can only be the 2 send offs Rose Tyler has already had, in 2006 and 2008, on Bad Wolf Bay.

Judging by the images printed in the Daily Mail however (and trust me, beware, you might not want to see all of the snaps there) Rose Tyler (or Rose Smith – no sign of Doctor 10.5 in these snaps, you’ll notice) and her mother Jackie aren’t in Pete’s World.

And the question has to be “Why?”


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