Radiophonic Live

It’s totally something not to be missed if you can make it to London – the best of the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop has been performed at the Roundhouse!

Featuring Workshop archivist Mark Ayres and three of its key ’70s players, Paddy Kingsland, Roger Limb and Peter Howell clad in white lab-coats and accompanied by extensive brass and percussion, the iconic soundsmiths of yesteryear brought back to life some of the most remarkable and memorable sounds from BBC television history, which culminated in – according to the Telegraph:

A ‘Dr Who’ medley [that] created an unexpected communal euphoria

Such is the power of music!

For two hours and twenty minutes the veterans played, barely surprising given that the Workshop are regarded with similar prestige as Leon Theremin, Kraftwerk, and others.

Performing their first and possibly only ever concert at the Roundhouse to conclude the Short Circuit Festival of Electronica was a coup for the venue – let’s hope the BBC Radiophonic Workshop can be coaxed out of retirement for more.

And of course, they played Delia Derbyshire’s Doctor Who theme tune…

For five minutes, Roundhouse became Tardis, chauffeuring its thirty and fortysomething inhabitants to the Saturday teatimes of their youth. As it emptied them back into the Camden rain they were still singing it.

Additional, July 24th:

There’s a great review of the event at, in which writer Steven Ricks shows his utter love of the subject matter with some indepth appreciations of each piece.

If you’ve any interest in what must have been a mind-blowing event, please give Steven’s blog a visit, if only to make up for me omitting to mention it closer to the time… (sorry Steven!)


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