Regeneration Imminent? (SPOILERS AHOY) has featured the return of Billie Piper to Doctor Who alongside its daily dose of spoilers and other nonsense, and thrown a heavy sprinkling of Rose and Jackie Tyler photos into the mix.

That’s right, Camille Coduri is also returning to Doctor Who one last time – and it seems there is more to this particular return than meets the eye.

Not only are Jackie and Rose Tyler wandering around the Powell Estate – rumours suggest this takes place in 2005, before the Doctor and Rose ever met – but a quick perusal of the photos reveals a fourth character joining the Doctor, Rose and Jackie in these scenes.

They say he will knock four times – but rather than being the Master, could “he” be an Ood?

It all seems a bizarre mix of themes and ideas and guests and what little we know of the plot doesn’t quite seem to make it all come together – which means we’re all going to have to wait patiently for Christmas to see how the Tenth Doctor breathes his last…


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