Special Smiths? (SPOILERS)

Of the utmost spoileresque importance, do not read this unless you’re properly prepared. Doctor Who Tenth Doctor finale spoilers can be found within…

As such – and given the fact that this is quite a powerful Doctor Who spoiler, we’ll be employing spoiler tag/the left-click and drag method of spoiler reveal.

So what’s all the fuss about? Well, there’s more than a couple of Smiths in the Tenth Doctor finale adventure – and we’re not talking about the return you’re thinking of.

The appearance of Sarah Jane and her adoptive son Luke Smith in David Tennant’s swansong instalments has already been covered, but the return of a character called Smith has been causing ripples, nay seizures of excitement.

It isn’t Mickey Smith either – but his former girlfriend, Rose Tyler.

That’s right – David Tennant has reportedly been filming brief scenes in London (Pete’s World) for scenes between the blue suited Doctor 10.5 and his wife, Rose Smith (assuming he is using the moniker of Dr John Smith.

From io9.com (originating at Life, The Universe and Combom and Planet Gallifrey):

An anonymous tipster says David Tennant is rushing back to London to shoot just one scene with Billie Piper, in a very public location. And this scene involves “Rose Smith” and “The Other Doctor.”

In other words, it’s Rose and her human version of Tennant’s Doctor — and maybe they’re married? Fans speculate that the “other” Doctor can feel when the real Doctor regenerates, even from another universe. And rumor has it, Tennant’s Doctor is alone in the TARDIS when he transforms.

Chances are this scene is from the end of the final episode, since it’s scene 163. (Sarah Jane’s cameo was scene 153, and the bookstore scene was scene 155.)

(Note that the links above may be more fanciful than the actual truth.)

Of course this is nothing more than speculation based on some interesting facts.


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