The Camera Stopped…

…and it was the end of an era.  So let’s just take a deep breath and remember that while David Tennant ends his time in front of the cameras on Doctor Who this week, we’ve still got 7 months of anticipation!

Now isn’t the time to weep, be wary, be in denial or go mental and start stalking a celebrity.

While Doctor Who Magazine’s Benjamin Cook might have announced yesterday on Twitter:

That’s a wrap 🙁

…it’s likely that as the final date for production on the Doctor Who specials – the final installments of the Tenth Doctor’s wide-ranging adventures – was said to be May 22nd that various pick ups and reverse shots have been taking place either with DT or without him.

However – from now on, everything changes. David Tennant might well be old news before he’s even gone on screen, and with Matt Smith stepping up to the TARDIS console next month and an announcement imminent as to who will be the next official companion, we’ve got plenty to occupy us until the final days of the Tenth Doctor…


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