Ianto Jones on Children of Earth

Ianto Jones actor Gareth David-Lloyd is looking forward to catching Torchwood: Children of Earth across the five nights of broadcast on BBC One (July 6th to July 10th, 9pm nightly) next week – and it seems the anticipation of a new series is as exciting for the cast as it is for us!

“I can’t wait to see the entire series. It has this race against time element to it. As each episode goes by, the pace increases and it gets faster and faster – like a roller coaster – and it’s a real adrenalin ride.”

“I found the five-episode storyline effective – there’s one emotional journey throughout. I think people will be more scared by this new series. There’s a real seriousness to what’s going on.”

Ianto Jones’ character has seen the biggest change in his life since the very beginning of Torchwood when the series aired back in 2006 on BBC Three.

“The relationship between Jack and Ianto has been quite organic. So it was nice that we get to the stage in series three where they are going through all the usual couple difficulties. I think the way it’s been done is extremely real.”

That should be interesting to see… I wonder if Ianto carries a photo of his cybernised late fiance?


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