Podcast Roundup

We’ve been checking out the Doctor Who podcasts lately, and thought it would be useful to share our thoughts on Doctor Who online audio fandom. Any suggestion that we’re checking the competition for a podKast relaunch will of course be strongly refuted…

Doctor Who podcasts are everywhere these days – and whether you’re a fan of Gallifreyan Embassy’s Podshock, Doctor Who Online’s WhoCast or the Big Finish Podcast (or even Kasterborous’ own PodKast…) there’s something for everyone in the big world of Doctor Who podcasts.

The WhoCast

From Doctor Who Online, The WhoCast stars Trevor Gensch and Marty Perrett and covers the news and of the DWO community and of course the wider Whoniverse news issues. Badly mixed at times, WhoCast is nevertheless interesting and informative.


Since 2005 PodShock from The Gallifreyan Embassy have been bringing Canada-themed Doctor Who news to the podwaves, and features the dynamic team of Ken Deep, Louis Trapani and James Naughton. What the team lacks in geniune warmth they certainly make up for with their insights and opinions of Doctor Who fandom.

Big Finish

The Doctor Who audio producers Big Finish issue a monthly podcast that often features the vocal talents of monster man Nick Briggs. The latest installment also features David Richardson and Paul Spragg and features clips from Stargate (featuring Noel Clarke), Highlander and Doctor Who as well as top Big Finish news stories. There’s always something new at the Big Finish website.

Have a Word

Finally – not all podcasts are created equal, and while Kasterborous’ own podcast makes light of the ridiculous nature of elements of casting, chronology and props, other less well known ‘casts don’t even attempt to be different.

A case in point is Tin DogA Doctor Who Fan and a Mic – What More Does Anyone Need? Howabout this list:

  • ideas
  • opinions
  • interesting guests
  • an individual voice


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