RTD Exclusive Chat with SFX

SFX magazine’s popular website has an exclusive chat online with Torchwood and outgoing Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies.

It’s a wide-ranging chat that covers Children of Earth, the theory that John Barrowman was too busy for 13 episodes (of course he wasn’t – he’s got that time manipulator!), the format change from 13 standalone to 5 linked episodes, guest casting, co-writers John Fay and James Moran and – wait for it – confirmation that:

the character of Alice is Jack’s daughter, and she has a son.

There’s too much in the slightly lengthy chat to cover here, but if you haven’t clicked on the link to visit, how about this for a taster, on the matter of utilising the skills of Euros Lyn over all five episodes of Children of Earth?

I think it’s better if you can have one director all the way through, so we designed the entire thing – like inviting Euros to all the meetings – to keep him on board, to keep him at Upper Boat, frankly, and then with the promise of saying, ‘After that you can do the last two hours of David Tennant’.

You have to hand it to Russell T Davies – whatever you might think of his scripting decisions at times throughout his 4 years of Doctor Who so far he knows what makes great television. I think we’re in for a cheat with Children of Earth.

(With thanks to Ian Berriman)


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