The Star Rumours Daleks

Gutter tabloid The Star reckons that the Eleventh Doctor Who Matt Smith will be plunged straight into a battle with the Daleks in his very first adventure.

Throwing the Doctor into a showdown with the Daleks would be an interesting return to the very first regeneration of the show, when Second Doctor Patrick Troughton encountered the Daleks in his very first adventure, a tactic that confirmed his true succession to the role.

Given the potential for “reset button pressing” among the wild End of Tennant Days rumours circulating on the web, pitching a new Doctor against the Daleks could prove interesting.

A source claimed: “Fans may take a while to get used to Matt as the Doctor so it makes sense to have him fight his most famous enemies.”

Not only that but some bad reporting – well below the scope of the Hack of the Week Award – suggests that the TARDIS is set for a radical new blue colour scheme, with white on the windows.

Slightly reminiscent of an actual police box, then…

Indeed, some fans might take 45 minutes – 90 at a stretch – to get used to the new Doctor. It’s called regeneration, a key element of Doctor Who since 1966.

I’d suggest if they don’t like the new Doctor, they switch off or start a new Cult of Tennant with weekly readings and prayer – general worship of the kind done by an increasingly large sector of alleged Doctor Who fans who are in fact sex-starved refugess from Nerdistan and can’t tell an Axon from a Krynoid.


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