Torchwood Radio Times Cover

Torchwood gets it very own Radio Times cover to herald the arrival of Children of Earth next week – although it seems that John Barrowman isn’t 100% chuffed with having a five part series.

Barrowman chats with the Radio Times this week along with creator/lead writer Russell T Davies, executive producer Julie Gardner, Gwen Cooper and Gareth David-Lloyd. A marvellous gatefold cover will welcome readers of RT this week

While Russell T Davies is of the opinion that a change in format shouldn’t and won’t baffle audiences, John Barrowman is more conerned by the reduction in episodes – by 8!

“The decision was made to go to BBC One and then we were cut – from 13 episodes down to five.”

“But personally, I felt like we were being punished. Other shows move from BBC Three and Two to One and they don’t get cut.

“So why are we? It felt like every time we moved we had to prove ourselves.”

And while the Torchwood star feels that the new episodes are “incredible, I have no doubt about that”, he does have a point.

The BBC are having none of it, however. As far as they’re concerned they took a risk with an edgy show on BBC Three, brought it to BBC Two in recognition of its success and again to BBC One. After all, ultimately it is their show.

A BBC spokesman said: “We wanted to create a powerful sense of event when the show came to BBC One and so talked with the show makers about a story that could run over five consecutive days.”


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