We Are Coming

Torchwood: Children of Earth was given a preview screening yesterday at the National Film Theatre and it seems that a lot of people got to see it. Press coverage has already begun meanwhile, with The Guardian’s Jonathan Wright bemoaning the proliferation of arc-lead dramas.

You can’t please all of the people all of the time of course, but Torchwood: Children of Earth certainly seems to want to make up for some past indiscretions by taking itself seriously.

Thanks to this selection of stills and some hints from forum members, we’ve got a few Torchwood casting/character secrets that may of may not contains spoilers up ahead…

One character is Alice – she has a young son whom she doesn’t allow Jack to see. She’s an absolute bitch to Jack apparently, but Torchwood pay Jack well for saving the planet, so they are well-kept.

The chap in the grey hoodie is Clem, a survivor of something – likely a previous attack by the 456, the odd name for the aliens

In leather is a government agent who swears to bring down Torchwood. She blows up the Hub whilst Jack and Ianto are inside it.

Sat with Gwen at a cafe table is a doctor.

Torchwood returns in July!

(with thanks to sonic_tangobat)


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