Big Finish Lost Stories Update

We’ve got an update courtesy of Big Finish on their Lost Stories series of plays, based on the aborted Doctor Who Season 23 from 1985…

Alex Macqueen, James D'Arcy and Colin Baker in Paradise 5 from Big FinishWork is continuing on Doctor Who: The Lost Stories, audio versions of scripts that were written for television during the 1980s but were never made. Colin Baker is reprising the role of the Sixth Doctor, while Nicola Bryant is back as his assistant Peri Brown.

This month has seen the recording of Paradise 5 by renowned script writer PJ Hammond (Sapphire and Steel, Torchwood), which has been adapted for audio by Andy Lane. The story finds the Doctor and Peri investigating strange happenings on an alien holiday resort, where guests have gone missing and mysterious aliens haunt the storage rooms.

“Director Barnaby Edwards has assembled a stellar cast for this production,’ says Lost Stories producer David Richardson.

“In the pivotal role of Gabriel, the host of Paradise 5, we’re delighted to have Alex Macqueen, who is perhaps best known for his roles in The Thick of It, In the Loop and The Inbetweeners. Playing Gabriel’s right hand man Michael is James D’Arcy, whose films include Master and Commander, Exorcist: The Beginning and An American Haunting.

“Both of them relished the opportunity to enter the surreal world of the Cherubs and the Elohim.”

Other entries in the season include Mission to Magnus (which features popular monsters the Ice Warriors and Sil), The Hollows of Time (which sees the return of the Tractators), Leviathan (by the late Brian Finch), Point of Entry, The Macros (co-written by actress Ingrid Pitt) and The Space Whale (by well-known comics writer Pat Mills). The series kicks off in November, with The Nightmare Fair, which is set in Blackpool and sees the return of the Celestial Toymaker.

Subscriptions are available now for the fantastic price of £80 for all eight CDs (or £75 for the downloads). This represents a massive saving of almost £40 for the season but the offer expires on August 31 2009 – so make sure to subscribe now at


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