Children of Earth: Reality Check

Russell T Davies’ sees Torchwood: Children of Earth as a reality check for the UK, the USA, Australia – any of the western English speaking countries that look down on the chaos across Africa, Eastern Europe and so forth.

From his earlier comments and his recent chat with The Stage, RTD is telling us that the humanitarian disasters that are seemingly worlds away from us could be just hours away.

The whole point of what happens in this story — and sorry to get on a soapbox — is that what we see happening to British civilisation is what we see happening every day on television in Africa. Soldiers, military law… I can’t go into details, but children being taken away, basically.

And that is what the world is reduced to in [episode 5], basically. Because we watch this stuff in the West, with Western eyes. And you watch this footage from Africa, from Bosnia, as if we’re more civilised than those people, as though we’re more intelligent than them and that could never happen here. All that shit that’s ever said about World War II, about Poland. And it’s just a lie, a complete lie.

The wrong economy, the wrong vote, and we could be in that situation.

I continue to be awed by a guy who has written some of Doctor Who’s flimsiest stuff and then gives us Midnight, who writes about the gay life in Manchester and then tops it with Bob & Rose and now is using Torchwood to paint a very important myopic bubble-bursting picture of what could happen right here in the UK.

I also want to add something to this – we look back in history at mistakes, errors, lack of technology and reason these down to a lack of intelligence on our ancestors part.

This is rubbish.

A read through the 1st 100 pages of Geoffrey of Monmouth indicates that speech patterns have barely changed in 100 or so years since the translation;this itself is based on conversational, thoughtful texts.

Technological advancement doesn’t mean a civilization is untouchable.


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