Christmas Revelations

This article contains mild spoilers, following information released by the BBC website. With confirmation that the Master will return in the Christmas Doctor Who end-of-an-era finale, the BBC have also confirmed that Harold Saxon’s faithful companion – who happened to shoot him – will also return as Alexandra Moen reprises the role of Lucy Saxon…

Both the trailer for The Waters of Mars and the story possibly called The End of Time have caused huge excitement within Doctor Who fandom – however the desire to know more about the terrifying closed-quarters base-under-seige nature of The Waters of Mars is in sharp contrast to the final moments of the Tenth Doctor.

Most of the information we know about the returning villain and his bonkers wife comes from the BBC’s Official Doctor Who website and various sci-fi/media sites that were present at San Diego Comic Con when the trailer was aired.

While the trailer has been unofficially doing the rounds on YouTube there are no legal or good quality versions out there as yet – thanks then to who have helpfully summarised each moment in the 90 second trailer.

We see the planet Earth from space, with the sun coming out behind it, and Timothy Dalton’s voice purrs: “It is said that in the final days of the planet Earth, everyone had bad dreams.” And then we see weird laughing faces, followed by David Tennant looking quite perturbed. We see glimpses of Wilf, Donna, Donna’s mother, and an African man in a suit, all looking very serious. And there’s a scary snake-faced creature. And then there’s a figure in a dark hoodie lurking ominously. Dalton narrates: “He returns.”

We catch a glimpse of Ood Sigma, the Ood who told the Doctor his song was ending. And then the Doctor standing in the background, with the guy in a hoodie in the foreground. And then the hoodie comes off, and it’s John Simm with his hair weirdly bleached! His voice comes: “My name is the Master.” And then a title comes on the screen: “THE END OF TIME.” And the Doctor walks forward with flames in the background, his face looking smoky and serious. And the title says “CHRISTMAS 2009.” And the crowd goes wild.


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