DT: I’m in the dark

David Tennant appears at the San Diego Comic Con proper today as part of a panel with Russell T Davies and Euros Lyn as promotion for the BBC America broadcasts of the Doctor Who specials which start with Planet of the Dead which premiere’s on the channel tonight at 9pm ET.

As part of his travels the Tennster has been doing a few interviews, and here he talks about how he feels now that he’s put all of the Doctor Who TV acting behind him…

“I expected it to feel weirder than it did. It is exciting to be experiencing Doctor Who as a spectator again, and what is also nice is that I am as much in the dark as everyone else.

“I remember how that felt,” added the life-long fan of a character who first appeared on television in 1963. “It was thrilling and terrifying and a very exciting time.”

Tennant has also been good enough to chat with io9.com, telling them first of all why the Tenth Doctor is “so sorry” as well as an quick overview of what will challenge the Doctor over the next episodes…

“The final stories are very emotional… The story takes you to places that the Doctor can’t go on a regular basis. It affords an opportunity to confront this immutable character with new challenges and places you can only take him when that man is going to die, that version of that man is going to die.

“And that’s, for an actor’s point of view, hugely challenging and liberating and exciting… It’s thrilling that we get to make people cry a bit.”

No mention of any movies as yet…


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