Identity Theft! have thrown another Doctor Who themed blinder out in their selection of community-written comedy news/sature this week – all about identity theft and one David Tennant…

I could suggest you go over there to read it – but frankly there’s enough about Newsbiscuit such as a wonderful community atmosphere, a vote-based submissions policy and considerable chuckles to attract. Occasionally I submit stuff over there, and it’s great getting the feedback from other posters.

So well done to the genius who came up with this…

David Tennant named ‘celebrity most at risk of identity theft’

A Home Office report today suggested that it was ‘highly likely’ Doctor Who star David Tennant would have his identity stolen by a younger man ‘within the year’.

The report criticised Tennant, 38, for his lax attitude to personal security, and noted that such carelessness ‘has had serious consequences in the past’, citing the case of veteran actor Colin Baker who was left homeless for 18 months in 1987 after his identity was stolen by fraudster Sylvester McCoy.

Experts have urged Tennant to regularly check his bank statements for suspicious scarf purchases, while police have told him he might also want to keep an eye on his motor and his girlfriend.

Well, it made me laugh…



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