Moon’s Doctor Who FX Man

Former Doctor Who special effects man Bill Pearson – who also has a string of Hollywood titles on his considerable CV – is the man behind the impressive SFX shots in the movie Moon, directed by Duncan Jones.

Featured in the Sunday Mail, Pearson covered the highlights of a long career that has brought hime to pulling space buggies on wires wrapped around tumblers for David Bowie’s son.

Funny old world.

“I have worked on very low-budget stuff. I did Blake’s Seven – but not the shaky spaceships – Doctor Who in the Tom Baker era and Red Dwarf.

“[Boss Brian Johnson] said we were going to be doing models for The Empire Strikes Back but first we had to get a little low-budget space horror out of the way.

“It was called Alien.

“At first we had zero budget for that but as the studio realised what they had on their hands they were chucking money at us. By the end I was buying warehouses full of stuff but seeing the film was disappointing as so much of what we did never made it on screen.”

In Moon, Pearson utilised a David Tennant doll as the film’s spacesuited hero so beat FX costs.

These special effects guys are always so inventive – it’s as good link check it out for the full interview.


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