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Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper and Kai Owen as Rhys Williams in Torchwood Children of Earth

Continued mainstream press and major blog coverage of Torchwood: Children of Earth is likely to run and run until early August with the completion of the BBC America run next week.

As such a lot of syndicated US online publications will be carrying the same material, but we’ll be looking out for any that have managed to get additional interview material with the stars. In the meantime, there’s so much out there I wanted to have a bit of a look through some of the hugely positive reviews and thoughts on Torchwood: Children of Earth.

SFX blogger Steven Gaythorpe for instance isn’t 100% convinced by the third Torchwood series – but is still enthusiastic, even down to some interesting character development (spoilers removed by elipses…)

The final episode of Children Of Earth had some wonderful moments, especially Gwen behaving against her nature. Normally positive and strong she became weighed down by the horror that surrounded her and became pessimistic. But Jack… was too out of character for me!

It’s a sentiment I’ve seen repeated several times around the web, not least in the Kasterborous Forum.

Another Torchwood fix (see what I did there?) can be picked up at WalesOnline. It’s strange that in a week in which the BBC has been heavily criticised for its drama output that Children of Earth – revolutionary for anyone under 25 – should be aired. If it doesn’t get heavily nominated at the 2010 BAFTAs there’s something very wrong, even if it is only for this wonderful little bit of dialogue from Day Two as a London-bound Gwen bids farewell to Rhys

“Oh my God, Severn Bridge, I’m going into England, farewell forever,” says Ystradgynlais-born Eve Myles, the heroine of the show as she approaches the bridge in the first episode of the five-parter.

“Good luck. Have you got currency?” replies her partner Rhys.

“Yes, and I’ve had my injections. See ya.”

Meanwhile Digital Spy concluded their review of Children of Earth by doing some considerable name-dropping:

Director Euros Lyn was consistently brilliant as he dealt with five of the most compelling hours of British science fiction since the similarly themed Quatermass. Actually, referring to the show as ‘science fiction’ almost does it a disservice, as if it’s being dumped into some niche category. It’s simply great television. Fact.

As for the future of Torchwood – well Series 4 might be ready, but if John Barrowman and Eve Myles are involved it most likely won’t be on our screens until late 2010 at the earliest. As reported on Den of Geek, John Barrowman is tied up until February 2010 with stage and charity work, while Eve Myles expects to give birth to her baby in November.

And if all of that’s not enough for you, then the only thing I can do is suggest you catch an eyeful of John Barrowman in drag (he’s joining the London cast of La Cage au Foiles). There. now go outside and enjoy the summer!


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