RTD: I’m the Caretaker

Russell T Davies is everywhere this week, you might have noticed, as he promotes the miniseries Torchwood: Children of Earth which is set to air next week. However the outgoing Doctor Who executive producer and storyline is always asked about the Time Lord’s adventures.

It is with one such TARDIS related question that the giant Welshman reveals a great truth:

“I feel I’m just a caretaker of Doctor Who,” he says. “Hopefully there’ll be hundreds more writers on the show after me.”

Now that is a very interesting statement, and well made. There have been hundreds before RTD and as long as the show remains viable there will be hundreds after.

Hey – ever got that feeling that Russell T Davies loves the sound of his own voice, popping up in newspaper interviews when maybe a star of the show will do? It seems that there is a reason for this:

“…because it’s a very big show that only has two regular leads. An equivalent American show would have eight leads. But the actors playing The Doctor and his companion simply can’t do all the interviews, so Muggins here has to step forward. I’m no shrinking violet, but whenever I see a huge picture of myself in the papers, I think, ‘Oh God, now I have to kill myself!’ “

Don’t go that far, Russell.

So it will be interesting to see how often The Grand Moff appears in the press during the Eleventh Doctor’s era.


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