Fifth Doctor Reunion

Peter Davison, Janet Fielding and Mark Strickson as The Doctor, Tegan and TurloughMore details have emerged about some of Janet Fielding’s Big Finish appearances in 2010 – three Peter Davison starring Doctor Who adventures will also star Sarah Sutton as Nyssa and Mark Strickson as Vislor Turlough!

Despite Janet Fielding living in Australia and Mark Strickson in New Zealand, both have committed to three plays alongside their former co-stars, as revealed in Doctor Who Magazine 412 and here on the Big Finish website.

“The idea first came about when we were recording a Companion Chronicle with Mark earlier in the year,” adds producer David Richardson. “He and I were chatting in the green room, and he mentioned the fact that he’d be willing to fly back again from New Zealand to record a season of stories. And wouldn’t it be nice, if Janet was willing too, to get the whole team back together?

“I rang Nick and script editor Alan Barnes, and both thought it was a great idea. So I got hold of Janet’s number, and rang her up at home one Sunday. Imagine our delight when she agreed!”

This is certainly a great one for Fifth Doctor fans – complete 1980s Doctor Who nostalgia – but rest assured Big Finish will be serving this great team of Doctor and companions with some superb scripts!


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