Hornet’s Nest Writer Interviewed

Hornet's Nest starring Tom Baker and Richard FranklingHornet’s Nest author Paul Magrs (a man with a huge back catalogue of Doctor Who novels, audios and spin-off releases) has chatted with Den of Geek about the upcoming return of Tom Baker to the role of the Fourth Doctor.

He certainly seems very pleased with it and admits that thee is a similarity between some elements of the setup and the later adventures of a certain Victorian detective…

There are certainly touches of Holmes and Watson about the way the Doctor and Mike [Yates, played as ever by Richard Franklin] sit by the fire and relate recent adventures to each other. We even have a housekeeper to hand, in the form of the formidable Mrs. Wibbsey [as played by Susan Jameson].

I’m very proud of it. In many ways it’s much more ‘me’ than some of my other Who work. It’s in the genre I’d call macabre mystery or Gothic adventure – which is exactly the kind of Fourth Doctor stories I always enjoyed the most.

Personally I find the concept of the Fourth Doctor dropping in on modern day earth and recruiting a former colleague who has never seen him in that body never mind for 35 years utterly intriguing – can’t wait to hear it!


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