Lazy Love

Writer of the final story from Doctor Who’s original 1963-1989 run, Rona Munro knows a bit about the show and the character – and given Ms Munro is a playwright it’s fair to say that she knows what she’s talking about.

As far as the writer of Survival is concerned, love should be off the agenda for the Time Lord, and she has said as much in a recent Guardian interview.

“This,” she says with mock portentousness, as she munches a sandwich at the Traverse theatre’s rehearsal room in Leith, Edinburgh, “is my chance to say it. I don’t think the Doctor should have fallen in love with anybody. I think that’s wrong.

“I don’t think there should be any snogging or any sexual tension because” – she gets even more mock-grand – “he’s a time lord, and his companion is but a mortal.” Despite the good cheer, you know she means it. The running sexual tension between the Doctor and his various sidekicks has, she reckons, been “lazy”.

It’s very interesting to hear someone who has been connected with the show chime in with this sentiment – the “Doctor in Love” vibe of the past few years has been speculated and commented upon by more traditional elements of fandom to considerable degree.

We’ve been discussing this recently in the Kasterborous Forum – it’s a fascinating topic so why not add your thoughts?


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