The Moderator’s Account

An interesting view of the events of the Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic Con can be found on the LA Times website where panel moderator Robert Lloyd has described the appearances by Russell T Davies, David Tennant, Julie Gardner, John Barrowman and Euros Lyn.

Mr Lloyd was of course extremely busy throughout the session and apparently it passed him by in a blur as anyone who has been involved in running or contributing to an event in this way will not be surprised to learn.

However his account is very interesting – I particularly like this bit:

Most of the hour went by for me in a blur, strung between the clips I needed to cue and the man from the Guinness Book of World Records I had to introduce, and the need to keep things moving and to spread the questions around. (Video confirms that I got a few laughs along the way.)

Whenever someone wasn’t speaking, cries of “We love you” filled the gap. (“I love you too, each one of you, but in a slightly different, individual way.”)

A lovely response there, presumably from David Tennant.

The remainder of the article is worth reading so hot foot it over to the LA Times!


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