Androzani Wins DWM Poll

Peter Davison’s 1984 Doctor Who swansong The Caves of Androzani has been named the best Doctor Who story of all time, beating both Blink and Genesis of the Daleks!

With 6,700 entries, the Doctor Who Magazine poll held to mark the 200th episode of our favourite series is the biggest yet, both in terms of scale and coverage – even the Telegraph has reported on the results, which can be found in DWM 413, on sale now.

The Caves of Androzani is the final story of the Peter Davison era of Doctor Who, and sees the Doctor and Peri stumble into an interplanetary gun-running and beauty product monopoly that is fiercely protected by the insane Trau Morgus and his equally insane enemy, deformed robotics expert Sharaz Jek.

As a regeneration story, Caves is a classic among strong contenders, but there’s so much more to it, from strong production values, a great cast and a marvellous final performance from Davison.

Peter Davison said of the win:

“I think you immediately knew when you read the script, that it was a very good Doctor Who story. It was a Bob Holmes script, and he was one of the writers that you dreamed of having on Doctor Who.”

“Graeme’s [Harper, Caves of Andronzani director] philosophy was that it needed pace and it needed energy. Graeme’s input, and the fact that it was a great script, really lifted it, I think”.

As you can see from the results of the Top 10, The Caves of Androzani is in marvellous company, having held off Blink and Genesis, while other entries in the Top 10 include Bad Wolf, Human Nature and The Empty Child.

Interestingly, Caves is the only story in the Top 10 that doesn’t star Tom Baker, David Tennant or Christopher Eccleston. Baker gets the lions share with 5 entries while Tennant and Eccleston have two each.

It’s also notable that no episodes from 2006 or 2008 have made it into the Top 10. Whether this backs up the Kasterborous Rule of Odd-Numbered Years Being Better or not is difficult to judge, however.

So those results in full…

Top Ten Episodes of Doctor Who

1. The Caves of Androzani (1984) starring Peter Davison

2. Blink (2007) starring David Tennant

3. Genesis of the Daleks (1975) starring Tom Baker

4. The Talons of Weng Chiang (1977) starring Tom Baker

5. The Empty Child (2005) starring Christopher Eccleston

6. Human Nature (2007) starring David Tennant

7. Pyramids of Mars (1975) starring Tom Baker

8. City of Death (1979) starring Tom Baker

9. The Robots of Death (1977) starring Tom Baker

10. Bad Wolf (2005) starring Christopher Eccleston


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