Tom Baker

Now here’s a gift for Kasterborous readers – the Fourth Doctor himself, Tom Baker, recently granted us a short Q&A session!

As the invitation was something of a dream come true, and dribbling aimlessly with excitement, we threw some questions around until we came up with the following…

There’s a lot of anticipation for Hornet’s Nest, how does it feel to centre of attention again? Do you feel the weight of expectation?

Sure I do. But the story is good and I feel pretty confident the fans will like it.

Was being Doctor Who any good for pulling the ladies, because it rarely seems to

work as a fan?

The Doctor is an alien and does things differently. On Gallifrey ladies don’t get pulled – they get tugged. Very gently at first; and then……. You wouldn’t understand.

You’ve quaffed with some of the biggest names in showbiz over the years. What makes a great drinking partner in your book and did you ever cross pints with the legendary Oliver Reed?

I never met Oliver. But he was considered a sweet and loving friend. The people I drank with in the seventies are all dead; but they all remained faithful to Sally Schmirnoff or Vera Voddy, or Vera Lynn and so Goodnight Vienna.

Your autobiography was a great read but surely too short – are there any plans for you to bring us a second volume of your life story?

In the eighties, I got happy. Happy days don’t sell books. But I ain’t swoppin’ happy days for raucous nights with Vera Lynn.

In a similar vein is there any chance of another dark fairy story to sit alongside The Boy Who Kicked Pigs?

I have an idea for “The Boy who Kidnapped God”.

Did you enjoy your appearance hosting Have I Got News For You, and do you think they’ll ask you back again?

I hardly ever get asked back anywhere. But I did enjoy it. I know Paul and Ian – and that helps.

We’ve had a look at your new website and it does look rather smashing – there are some superb video clips on there as well as photos – but do you use the web? Are you a silver surfer? Or do you prefer a walk, some gardening and a glass of something fizzy?

Oh, I bite the Apple all the time – you know – the Apple tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I’m glad you like the website. I like it too. Visit me at

Your era as Doctor Who varies from 2 parts comedy, 5 parts horror at the start to 1 part horror, 6 parts comedy by the end (with a bit of melancholy thrown on for good measure). Did you prefer the lighter toned material or the mock gothic follies?

Mockery. Gothic Horror. Comedy. Melancholy. Wry hope – and then OBLIVION.

No complaints. I think that about sums it up.

If you haven’t already – and even if you have – visit Tom’s new website at


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